What To Expect From Your Local Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Procedures

Are you getting your carpets cleaned sometime in the near future? Here is a guide on what to expect from your local carpet cleaning Lemont IL so you are not overwhelmed by anything once they are in your house. The number one thing that a carpet cleaning company will ask of you is that you vacuum your carpets and rugs before they get there. This is important because you want to remove all the dry soil and pet hair before they apply their pre treatments. Hair just clumps up and it makes it very hard on your professional carpet cleaning company. If you do not vacuum your carpets, and rugs before they arrive, chances are they will charge you extra.


When hiring a carpet cleaning company you want to be sure that you hire a company that uses a truck mounted carpet cleaner system. If they are using a portable carpet cleaner, your carpets will not be as clean as they can possibly be. So when you hire a professional carpet cleaning service you want to be sure that you ask if they use a truck mount or portable carpet cleaning machine.

In most cases, when your professional carpet cleaning company gets to your home or workplace, they will most like require access to an outdoor water silcot. So if it is winter time and you have them turned off on the inside, be sure to have them turned back on before the carpet cleaning service arrives. They will not use much water, in fact, you won’t even notice it on your bill. Depending on how much carpet they are cleaning the amount of water that they will end up using is equivalent to a load or two or laundry. So be sure that they can have access to an outdoor water service where they can hook up a garden hose for water to speed up the set up process which is the longest process for the average residential carpet cleaning job.

You also want to remember that the carpet cleaning service that you hired is there to do just that, clean your carpet. You did not hire a moving company, so they will move smaller pieces of furniture and clean where they are sitting if you would like but they will charge extra to move your furniture. So do you due dillegence to make sure that you have gotten everything off the carpets that you are able to. In most cases, homeowners have a tiled kitchen or bathroom or foyer where you can slide things like; dining room chairs, smaller end tables, plants, etc. This makes the carpet cleaners job a lot easier as well. That way they can slide your sofas back, clean where they were sitting and then go about their job. Things that your carpet cleaning company wont move;

heavy china cabinets, pianos, pool tables, entertainment centers, Televisions or other electronics.

This is what you could expect your local carpet cleaner to expect from you as a consumer. For more info about carpet cleaning near Woodridge IL. visit,




Carpet Cleaning Tips For Hiring Local Companies

A lot of people love to have carpets and other pieces of furniture in place just to make their home look beautiful, cozy and comfortable at all times. But one of the problems with having so many pieces of furniture at home has to do with ensuring they are properly maintained. Carpet cleaning Woodridge IL This could prove to be serious challenge for you if you run a  tight working that rarely gives you enough time for yourself; much less your carpets and other pieces of home furniture. Although carpet cleaning can be one of the most tiresome jobs for most of us, it’s still one of those domestic chores you simply cannot avoid, especially when you have a pet living at home.


There are different types of carpets, each made for diverse materials such as sisal, wool or cotton and each needing different method of cleaning. It’s important for you to understand a particular type of carpet cleaning method that works well for cotton carpet might not be the best for woolen carpet or may not have the same effectiveness. Depending on the type of your budget and the type of carpet you have, some common methods of carpet cleaning use by professional carpet cleaning companies are:

Dry cleaning: This method of carpet cleaning is also known as dry extraction. It simply involves using only carpet cleaning detergents and a vacuum cleaner to extract dust particles. Carpet cleaning companies do not use water in this process.



Hot water extraction: With this method of carpet cleaning, the professional carpet cleaner will use heat and mechanical pressure to bring out the dust particles from the carpet. However, this process is not recommended for woolen carpets as the heat would damage its fabric.

Dry chemical cleaning: in the method of carpet cleaning, chemicals or cleaning shampoos are used to clean up your carpet; depending on the material used in making your carpet.

Steam Cleaning: For carpet stains that originate from ink spills, wine spills or stains from pets such as dogs and cats, hiring a professional carpet steam cleaning company to help you remove these kinds of stains is the best course of action for you. Using this method, the steam cleaning company will use steams along with other natural pet stain or carpet stain removers to clean up your carpet. This method of carpet cleaning is typically used when there are some stubborn stains and pet stain odors you want to remove from your carpet. However, if you are opting for the steam cleaning method, make sure to dry up the carpet as early as possible to prevent molds from growing in it.

Hiring a commercial carpet cleaning services, when you need your carpets cleaned goes beyond just making your carpet look good. It is also important to also consider your health and that of your loved ones.  Dust and moistures in a carpet are good places for bacteria and other harmful germs. By hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, you have that added peace of mind knowing that your carpet will be made entirely free from dust and germs that could be detrimental to your family’s health. It is not just about washing your carpet cleaners Woodridge IL; it is about cleaning your carpets properly and making it germ free.


Guide toward Efficient Steam Carpet Cleaning

Everyone aims and wants to have clean carpet for sanitary purposes. As far as carpet cleaning is concern, different methods are involved. Steam Carpet Cleaning is one of the best methods that most homeowners prefer nowadays.


What is Steam Carpet Cleaning? It is also known as hot water extraction that refers to a particular method for deep cleaning carpets due to its ability to remove embedded dirt and stubborn stains. A particular steam-cleaning machine can blast your carpet using hot water and then use a powerful pressure in order to remove the excess moisture and loosened dirt. As a result, it leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean.

If you consider deep steam cleaning for your carpets, here are some tips:

Hire professional carpet cleaning service. This will enable you to achieve best results. Remember that a reputable carpet cleaning business can ensure safe and effective cleaning without any damage. Moreover, you need to look for a company that adheres to the national standard in terms of carpet cleaning as well as equipment and products used, which are tested to guarantee high quality treatment.

Consult carpet’s manufacturer. Although most carpet manufacturers recommend steam carpet cleaning, it is also suggested that you consult your carpet’s manufacturer for you to guarantee that steam cleaning is safe to your carpet. This will also ensure that the particular method will not adversely affect the carpet’s dyes, fibers as well as construction.

Steam carpets during months, where least amount of humidity occurs. If you really want to achieve best results, you need to reduce certain amount of moisture in the carpet. So, it is best to steam clean carpets when you can leave the windows in your house open in order to allow ventilation. During non-humid summer days is one of the best times to do steam carpet cleaning.


Before proceeding to carpet steam cleaning, remove pet urine stains. This method is not recommend for pet stains because hot water can cause crystals in pet’s urine that will bond to your carpet’s fibers, which eventually creates permanent odor and stains. So, it is necessary to remove and clean it thoroughly before the start of steaming the carpet.

You need to vacuum carpets before the hot water extraction. Dirt, dust and pet hair must be removed. When hiring for carpet cleaner, be sure that they vacuum carpet first before steaming your carpet. Don’t forget to ask whether vacuuming service is included in the price or not.

Look for companies that use cleaning solutions for those who are allergen sensitives. As much as possible, the company must use kid-friendly or biodegradable, non-toxic solutions for their carpet steam cleaners. In addition, cleaning solutions must leave little or even no remains of chemicals left in your home after the service.

Carpets must be deep cleaned professionally once a year. However, steam carpet cleaning varies depending on the soil levels and amount of traffic in your carpet. Keeping your carpet clean is like keeping your children’s health stable.